Order Status/Issue System

Our Order Status System provides you with up to the minute information about the status of your Orders. And in the event that your Order cannot be processed, our system will list the Issue< delaying your Order as well.

It is our hope the system will provide you with the information to get your Orders processed, and shipped, faster. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Order Statuses

  • Open Orders will process for shipment during our next business hours (if Order contains Pre-Release or Out of Stock items then Order will process once those items become available).
  • On Hold Orders are 'Awaiting Information' and will not process until the Issue listed is resolved.
  • Shipped Orders have been shipped.
  • Canceled Orders are Canceled (You can Resubmit the Order if you wish).

Order Issues

  • Account Verification Needed - We are having problems processing your Order for any number of reasons.
  • Automated Approval Failed - For any number of reasons, we were unable to receive an Automated Approval from you Bank or Credit Card company concerning billing your card for the charges of this Order. In many circumstances the failure was do to a system error within your Bank or Credit Card company's system.
  • Awaiting Check Payment - Orders placed by customers who pay by Check or Money Order will not Ship until we receive and process your Check or Money Order.
  • Billing Address Invalid - Our system has determined that the Billing Address, as entered into our system, is invalid for that Credit Card. Please review your billing information and make the necessary edits.
  • Credit Card Declined - For any number of reasons, the charge was declined when we tried to bill your Credit Card. Unfortunately, Banking Institutions do not provide us with more information, so you will need to contact your Credit Card or Bank company to resolve the issue.
  • Credit Card Expired - The Credit Card you have on file with us has Expired. Please edit your expiration date or add a new Credit Card to your Account and we will attempt to bill that card.
  • Customer Postponed Order - Our Customers may request that their Order is held until a certain date. The date you request is entirely up to you and we will work with you to ensure your complete satisfaction when your Order processes.
  • Fax Verification Needed - We require some customers to submit images of their Credit Card and Credit Card Billing information to our Verification Department before their first Order will be processed. The Verification process will not significantly delay your Order as long as we receive your information in a timely fashion.
  • Invalid Credit Card Information - There is an error with the Credit Card information you submitted and your Order will not process until it is resolved. You will need to return to make the necessary changes.
  • Phone Verification Needed - In certain circumstances, we will need to phone verify your Order before your Order can ship. This is for your security as well as ours and will not delay your Order if you accurately submit your phone number when you create an account with us.
  • Waiting for Check to Clear - We have received your Check, but there is a 30 day Wait Period while your check clears your Banking Institution and our system. Once the Wait Period has expired, your Order will be processed the next business day and if everything is In Stock, ship that day.