Delivery Confirmation and Tracking Numbers

Not all shipping methods offer package tracking during shipment, so you should confirm on our Shipping Methods and Rates page that your selected method offers package tracking. After placing your Order, we will email you with the tracking information once we receive it from the carrier. When reviewing your tracking information, remember that all Orders are shipped from our facility near Pittsburgh, Pa.

UPS Tracking Numbers

UPS assigns Tracking numbers at the time of shipment, but packages cannot be tracked through the UPS website until 6pm ET on the day they are picked up from our facility. A UPS Tracking number will give you information including the time and date of every location your package passes through.

USPS Delivery Confirmation

The USPS only offers Delivery Confirmation for their shipments. Delivery Confirmation will show intermittent location scans, but most importantly a Delivery Confirmation scan. Delivery Confirmation will NOT provide information about every location your package passes through but there may be instances when a few locations are noted.